Deuteronomy 8 verse 4


To me, the miracle of supernatural health for the Jewish slaves is very, very important. I like this miracle above all. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob miraculously gave all of the Jewish slaves perfect health so that they could walk out of their bondage into the freedom He had personally secured for them.  They were also able to walk through 40 years of wandering in the desert.  

 If the Jewish slaves fail from the standards set forth by God and sinned against Him, He would punish them.  If they repented He always had a way to restore them to health and favor.  The story recorded in Numbers 21:4-9 is a perfect demonstration of this.  Health is a very important area for the continuation of any society.

 It seems like every disease under the sun finds its way into the African American community.  The diseases seem more intense and catastrophic affecting a larger part of our community. Then to, we see a huge number of war veterans returning and needing help because of what they experienced while away. It’s so unfortunate that they seem unable to cope with normal life; and as a result they become derelicts within our community.  We are in desperate need of help in the area of health physically, emotionally, and mentally.    

Our Prayer

God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob please hear our prayer and accept our petition, thus honoring Your Word promising to bless all who are a blessing to Abraham and his posterity. Please grant us supernatural healing and health in all areas just like You did thousands of years ago for a group of people who had no hope other than Your divine intervention.  Please grant us this favor according to Your Word.

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Lucy Payne