Protection is the most important issue facing the African American community today.

While the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob worked on freeing them from Egyptian bondage, He miraculously protected them.  At some point during their enslavement the Egyptians started slaughtering all their newborn male children as a means of birth control.  The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob used plaques and natural disasters to bring their bondage to an end.  However, during this time He again miraculously protected them from these disasters.  He also protected them through their 40 years of wandering.  We are in need of this supernatural protection for our children, families, and seniors.  This same God promised to bless those who are a blessing to Abraham’s descendants. No one in all of history can claim the blessings of this promise more than the African American community based on the labors of our ancestral enslavement.  We are in dire need of His supernatural protection internally and externally.

My prayer to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is:

“Please give us, the African American community the supernatural protection previously given to a bunch of slaves and their posterity thousands of years ago.  You are our only hope.  Thank you for answered prayer.”

Your comments are welcome.

Lucy Payne



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