gavel with map of world behind

Put me in remembrance: let us plead together: declare thou, that thou mayest be justified.

(Isaiah 43:26)

Now here comes a descendant of the slave system here in the United States praying to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob regarding my claim/appeal.  I think myself happy because You have given me the privilege to come before You knowing that You, “THE JUDGE AND JURY OF ALL THE EARTH HAVE AND WILL CONTINUALLY DO RIGHT.”  I come in accordance to Your promise to bless those that bless Abraham and his descendants.  You are God Almighty who made this promise. The slaves here in the United States built up the foundation of this country spiritually, financially, politically, and powerful enough to embrace the Jews, the Nation of Israel, and other descendants of Abraham.   We built the foundation strong enough to bless and embrace this entire world through the labor, personal sacrifice of their dreams, lives, ambitions, etc.  The slaves were never compensated for their enormous contribution.  You have stated “a laborer is worthy of his hire.”  “Thou shalt not muzzle the mouth of the ox that treadeth out the corn.”  Because of this deprivation they were unable to leave an inheritance/compensation to their posterity.   You have stated an inheritance should be left not only to the children, but to the children’s children.  Their deprivation is still our deprivation today under the headings RACISM and INEQUALITY.   They did not receive their blessing as promised.  Please remember You had to bring deliverance to an enslaved people thousands of years ago.  They, too, experienced rigorous bondage and suffered the massive slaughter of their children as a means of birth control.  You had to miraculously deliver them.  No power on earth could accomplish such a task.  Freedom finally came after over 400 years of rigorous servitude.  You made sure they were properly compensated.  You made sure they were in tip-top health.  Above all You gave them Your supernatural divine protection and provisions during their wilderness experience.  Finally, You gave them divine order, purpose, destiny, and a piece of eternal real estate.  It is interesting to note that when You made the original covenant with Abraham, you let Abraham know what would befall his people hundreds of years before it took place.  You single-handedly, miraculously delivered them as You promised Abraham when You initially made the agreement with him.  It was during this time that You promised to curse all who cursed Abraham and his descendants and to bless all who bless Abraham and his descendants.  You are the God who cannot lie.

In like manner, You knew beforehand all that would befall the slaves here in America.  This was not a surprise to You.  You knew about the suffering, the racism, the bigotry and all that it entailed.  You are never without this knowledge.  You, however, needed people who knew how to build a world, a civilization, a nation in all areas because they had this knowledge before the call of Abraham.  There was a need to build up this country quickly to bring relief to the scattered Jewish people because of heavy persecution in Europe, Asia-Minor and other parts of the world.  Here they could come and worship as they chose.  They could also become wealthy in order to bring about the return of the Jews to the Nation of Israel in 1948.  The slaves built this country and were an enormous blessing to the Jewish people in accordance with Your promise to Abraham.  We are, therefore, humbly requesting that You examine our claim/appeal and do according to Your word.  We are also humbly asking for reparations/compensations from on High, in Jesus Name.



Your comments are welcome,

Lucy Payne



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