I have asked some African Americans this very important question to see if they could answer it.  In looking at our plight here in this country and all that we continually face; what would be our solution that would be satisfactory to all of us?  For example, I have heard it said by many Jewish leaders that if they had a land to go to that they could call their own they would not have been as vulnerable to Adolph Hitler or other worldwide persecutions that they have had to endure.  They needed a land to call their own for the sake of their families, especially their children.  Many Jews are returning to the land of Israel.  Their return is called their (Aliyah).  This land was promised to Abraham and his descendants through Isaac, Abraham’s second son, as an eternal inheritance.  The Jews state that although they have been scattered throughout the world because of their own disobedience to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, He promised them restoration.  The people that settled in the land had no claim to it.  They were never established as a nation.  Israel under Jewish leadership was previously a nation. Consequently, this is the Jewish answer to their problems, their own land. 

If the same God came to you stating He is in full agreement with our claim of being a blessing to Abraham’s descendants and He wanted to in turn bless us for this according to His word, how would you tell Him to bless us to the complete satisfaction of all African Americans?

Your comments are welcome.

Lucy Payne



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