There are many who say the African American community is not entitled to any form of restitution or reparations for enslavement.  They conclude that all of the slaves that were involved are dead.  They do not see how this peculiar institution of hundreds of years ago has any effect on their posterity today. They have concluded that our communal dilemmas are of our own making by the choices we have personally made for ourselves.  For example, we live in a democracy based on Judeo-Christian principles of personal freedom and responsibility. A person is responsible for their own attitudes and actions and progress.  If a person chooses to live his or her life in a demoralized manner, that is their choice and they are responsible for the consequences.  Statistics show that at least 70 to 80 percent of the African American children are born out of wedlock to single parent permanent households.  These are basically teenaged girls who are not ready to be parents because they are children themselves.  These households must rely on state welfare to take care of themselves.  This one area causes heavy consequences.  For one the single parent has limited herself for education.  She must now devote herself to child rearing.  She is not able to find gainful employment because of her limited education.  There is a great possibility that her children will follow in her footsteps from generation to generation. Some have noted that during slavery there were more two parent households among the African American community. Hence, slavery cannot be blamed for personal choices and their consequences. 

Violence among African Americans is another area of concern.  Black on black crime is a serious concern.  This cannot be blamed on slavery. 

The house bill entitled 40 Acres and a Mule calls for a study to show how slavery has affected the present day African American community.  This bill is still pending and has been for many years.

Finally, many have concluded that there is no reason for reparation because of the fact that this country went through a civil war that brought emancipation to slaves here in America.  Good people died that we might enjoy the freedoms of this country. What we do with those freedoms is our business.  Some people have stated that they would be willing to engage in another civil war before allowing reparations to the black community based on slavery.  There is just no cause for a black settlement. 

Your comments are welcome.


Lucy Payne



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