Abraham father of jewish nationMany have asked me why I keep talking about this ancient promise God made to Abraham, found in the Holy Bible.  My answer to them is to me, this promise contains the answers to our many problems we face within our community.  It contains our reparations and compensations that we should have received for our many years of ancestral enslavement.  The slaves were never compensated for their labors and sacrifice.  Because of this they were not able leave an inheritance to us, their posterity.  I believe this one verse spoken by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob contains a wealth of resources set aside specifically for the African American Community.  For example, we are in need of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.  This one area of need when met will bring about a revolution in our community.  We would see a new sense of wholeness and worth permeating in our midst.  This in and of itself will bring about unity among us.

Another area of major concern is protection.  Our children are in desperate need of protection, internally and externally.  We are losing our children at an alarming rate.  They are destroying themselves daily. Our babies are being aborted; our young children are very vulnerable growing up in our world.  I believe this one verse of scripture contains the blessing of supernatural divine protection that we need.  Your comments are welcome.

Online reference:  https://www.google.com/search?q=abraham+image

Lucy Payne



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