Looking at this one promise of God’s, as African Americans we should be more thankful and grateful during this holiday season. Our praise to God should reach a much higher level than ever before.  When I look at our many communal problems, these are nothing for Him to solve.  He is the God of His word.  If He promised to bless He means exactly what He says.  We can rest on His word.  We as a people above all others have been more than a blessing to the descendants of Abraham.  We built the foundations of this country strong enough to embrace Abraham’s descendants in every way.  They were faced with severe persecution all over Europe and parts of Asia, etc., because of their religious beliefs.  This country gave them the opportunities needed to gain wealth and practice their religious beliefs without fear.  Our ancestors made all of this possible, not only for the Jews but for all who migrated to this country.  It is my firm belief that there would not be a nation of Israel today had it not been for the African American slave building this powerful country, the United States of America.

As we celebrate this holiday season, let us meditate on this promise with a positive expectant attitude, trusting the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to honor His word to the descendants of slaves again as He did thousands of years ago.

He is the same God yesterday, today, and forever.  While celebrating let us remember those who are grieving within our community.  The family of the nine year old who was shot; the family of the eight year old and the one year old who were shot, remember the mother who saw her four year old mauled by pit bulls.  Let’s remember Pastor Donnie McClurklin, who has faced some heavy issues during this year.  Let’s make ourselves available to all who are in need in our communities. 



Lucy Payne




Promised Land boundaries

Like so many of the slaves, I love the story of how the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, delivered Abraham’s descendants from their Egyptian bondage after 430 years.  God had a special purpose for them.  He made promises to Abraham that only He could fulfill.  Abraham just believed God.  God promised him a very special land for an inheritance forever.  The land that He promised them was a very rich fertile land.  This land was also fully occupied by some very powerful people who worshipped strange gods.  They believed in human sacrifices.  They were known for sacrificing their babies to the gods they chose to worship.  They were fierce warriors living in fortified cities beyond measure.  They were very powerful people.  Only God Almighty could help them defeat these powerful nations and possess the land He had promised to give them.  He showed that He had all power when He delivered them from Egyptian bondage through supernatural means, mainly ten plagues.  He opened up the Red Sea so that they could pass through on dry land.  While in the desert He fed them with Manna from Heaven.  He gave them water from the rock.  He gave them desert quails for meat.  Before they left Egypt they received gold, silver, and other precious stones from the Egyptians for their many years of labor and sacrifice.  Their clothes did not wear out.  Their feet did not swell as they walked through the desert.  There was not a sick or feeble person among them.  He maintained their health and safety.  Through His commandments He brought order into their lives.  The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob did all of this to build up their faith and trust in Him.  This was needed so that when they came into contact with these powerful nations they would not be afraid.

He is the same God who promised to bless all who blessed Abraham and his descendants.  Because of His track record of supernatural excellence, we as African Americans can rest assuredly on His word that He will honor His promise no matter what the situation.  Your comments are welcome.

Lucy Payne



Abraham father of jewish nationMany have asked me why I keep talking about this ancient promise God made to Abraham, found in the Holy Bible.  My answer to them is to me, this promise contains the answers to our many problems we face within our community.  It contains our reparations and compensations that we should have received for our many years of ancestral enslavement.  The slaves were never compensated for their labors and sacrifice.  Because of this they were not able leave an inheritance to us, their posterity.  I believe this one verse spoken by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob contains a wealth of resources set aside specifically for the African American Community.  For example, we are in need of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.  This one area of need when met will bring about a revolution in our community.  We would see a new sense of wholeness and worth permeating in our midst.  This in and of itself will bring about unity among us.

Another area of major concern is protection.  Our children are in desperate need of protection, internally and externally.  We are losing our children at an alarming rate.  They are destroying themselves daily. Our babies are being aborted; our young children are very vulnerable growing up in our world.  I believe this one verse of scripture contains the blessing of supernatural divine protection that we need.  Your comments are welcome.

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Lucy Payne