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Thousands of participants in the "Million Man March" gather on the Mall October 16. The Washington Monument is in the background. The rally is intended as a day for black men to unite and pledge self-reliance and reaffirm their commitment to their families - RTXFOIQ

million-man-march-1995 - 22015


                    Million Man March

Recently, a family member and I were discussing the Million Man March that took place in October, 2015.  The first Million Man March was 20 years ago in 1995.  The concern in 1995 seemed to be justice both internally and externally.  Resolutions, promises, and commitments to standards of excellence were made.  Camaraderie was superb and there seemed to be internal improvements.  Now, 20 years later, the need for justice is still the main concern; however, many of the participants have aged.  Although attending, they found it hard to do the march because of health concerns that come along with the aging process.  Some participants brought their sons and their grandsons to this event.  It is hopeful that a young leader will take up the mantle someday.

What would it be like in the next 20 years?  Will we still be discussing justice in various areas?  How can we gain the satisfaction desired in this area now?  How can this justice issue be realized to the complete satisfaction of all participants?  Are we chasing an elusive dream?  Is it possible?  Will the participants get a chance to enjoy this freedom that has been made available to so many others?  How can we keep from being like our ancestors, meaning the slaves, who toiled to build a nation, but did not get the chance to enjoy it?  Is this our destiny in life no matter how many times we march?  I welcome your comments.

Lucy Payne


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