“Go down Moses, way down in Egypt Land. Tell old Pharaoh-LET MY PEOPLE GO.”

Museum of Croydon; (c) Croydon Art Collection; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation


There was one special story that brought hope to our American enslavement.  It was the biblical account of how the God of the Jews, referred to as the God of Abraham, ISAAC and Jacob, delivered them from Egyptian bondage after 430 of rigor characterized by strictness, severity, and harshness. Their children were murdered, especially the male children.  This was done as a means of Planned Parenthood or birth control.  However, no matter what, they continued to increase in population.

God finally sent Moses back to Egypt to bring about their freedom.  After many miracles/plagues this was finally accomplished.  The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob prevailed over a very strong super power.  Not only were they liberated, they were all healthy and well compensated for 400 years of labor.  The Holy Scriptures state they spoiled the Egyptian nation.

It is interesting to note the God of the Jews told Abraham about the Egyptian enslavement hundreds of years before it happened. God promised Abraham He would bring them out of the House of bondage Himself.  It is easy for us to understand why this old story meant so much to our ancestors.  It gave them hope for the future.  It is also interesting to note this story not only addressed our ancestral concerns, but much of our current problems as a people.  The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob kept His promise to Abraham.


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