We as a nation have been trying to share this type of freedom with the world at large through various means such as the United Nations, emphasizing the value of human life, various sanctions, and laws.  We have helped to established nations such as Israel in May, 1948 for the Jewish people.  We as a nation have helped to re-build nations after World Wars, because economically we were in a position to do so.  The African-American slave built the foundations of this country strong enough to make all of this possible.  For a long time Europe depended on our country for cotton, making our nation the “cotton king” of the world.

During the wars the United States became the arsenal of the European countries fighting Germany and its coalitions.  Again the African-American slave made this possible.  They built a foundation so strong that even now in our so-called weakened and confused state; the world is still depending upon us as a supportive nation. When there is a disaster,we are called upon for emergency assistance.  The first thing you hear is “where is America?”  The African-American slaves made all of this possible. When there is an internal problem within nations, they look for American help.  Israel for example credited the United States with helping to protect both Israeli and Palestinian lives by the creating the Iron Dome System in dealing with the rockets fired at them by various terrorist organizations.

President Obama was recently given high praise by the Israeli Ambassador in his effort to stop the slaughter of more Syrian lives through the use of chemical warfare.  The foundation builders, the African-American slave, made all of this a physical reality.  Presently, through the ideals set forth by the United States, President Obama is working to establish a type of ‘global America’ by getting all nations involved in the responsibility of peace on earth by coming together to deal with the terrorist organization known as ISIS.  This is another area that would not have been possible if the African-American slave had not built a strong foundation.  Financially, our money has been the means of establishing a standard currency for the world.

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