When I began my blog during Black History Month, I wanted to show the many accomplishments of the African American Community.  I wanted to over emphasize that the main contribution/accomplishment was the building of the greatest nation in world history-The United States of America.  

Contrary to popular opinion, the so called founding fathers had an ideology that they themselves did not fully embrace; but it was the African American slave that took this and made it a physical reality.  Through their captivity, inner passage, the many lives lost at sea, the overall degradation of enslavement, and the ultimate sacrifice, they made this country an overnight success in the areas of religious freedom, economic opportunity, and political soundness.  They put together a country where people from all over the world could migrate to and enjoy true freedom in all phases of life without fear.  I personally cannot recall this type of freedom previously existing in world history.  

It is my strong opinion that when it is all said and done, the only government that will be greater than our Country’s will be when Jesus Christ establishes His kingdom during the millennial reign.  

– More in a few day-

I welcome  your comments and rebuttals.  Engage me with your thoughts and opinions.



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