Other Foundation can no man lay than that is laid!

Every year during the month of February we celebrate the accomplishments of African Americans. So much of our achievements the world over have been treated as non-existent. In order to compensate for this, African-American history month was established. I consider it an honor and a special privilege to take the time to recognize our many achievements. There is however one very special area that is rarely mentioned because it is not viewed in this manner. This I feel is the greatest of them all. This was accomplished during the most painful time in our history. I am speaking of our ancestral enslavement within this country. It was during this time under very cruel, unjust, and extremely painful circumstances that the greatest achievement was made. During the time of their captivity, shackles, inner passage, labor and overwhelming odds, they built the most powerful nation in the world almost overnight. They laid the foundation most powerful nation in the world spiritually, politically, financially, and economically. The foundation of anything or any undertaking is very important if it is to stand and endure. If the foundation is questionable, the structure cannot be trusted.  The African American slave built a sure foundation and gave the greatest sacrifice, thus manifesting the highest blessing! Sadly, they themselves never enjoyed the benefits of their labors.